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Open Data and Accountability

Open Data is a big thing right now. The last government, and the current government, have been committed to making non-personal information held by government open and accessible to citizens. 

Open government data could be:

Youth Participation and the Big Society

One of the big changes in political dialogue since the coalition government came to power has been the emphasis on ideas of the 'big society'. The big society is not a fixed policy programme, but is a loose collection of ideas - including ideas about localism and citizens taking on roles that previously may have been carried our or co-ordinated by the state. 

Consulting on cuts: Roger Morgan and Mike Lindsey from Office of the Children's Rights Director

I was at an event with local authority participation workers recently where many workers expressed frustration that they had been told not to consult with young people on public spending cuts because of the risk of a conflict of interest.

:D :) :| :( How do you feel about participation & rights right now?

Bill Badham got everyone to their feet at the start of the CROA conference - asking participants to move around the room and vote with their feet to answer four key questions. Participants could stand by one of four faces:

:D The delighted face - We're doing well on this issue.

:) The happy face - We're doing OK;

:| The unhappy face - We're not doing so well on this

:( The very unhappy face - We're not doing well on this at all.

Young people in the Big Society...

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This evening saw the first 'Big Society Network' open night. The Big Society Network is a new organisation*, linked to, but distinct from, the 'Big Society' as a core discourse in current government policy making.

The open night, facilitated as a rather chaotic open space event packed into a small space in the DCLG offices, brought together over 100 people interested in exploring what the Big Society Network was about, and how their work or issues fit with it. Big Society Network CEO Paul Twivy introduced some of the 'big ideas' of the Network - from creating a mutual open to everyone to join that would provide insurance for any volunteering activity, to the terribly framed 'Your Square Mile' concept - and then handed the floor to Steve Moore who led the open space.

I was in a group looking at young people in the big society, and promised to blog a few quick notes (some from my comments, others from other's in the groups - apologies for not managing to jot down everyone's names / affiliations) - so here they are:

LiveBlog: Engaging young people as researchers

I was at the Research Methods Festival in Oxford this afternoon in a session on 'Engaging young people as researchers'. To capture some of the learning I used CoverItLive to live-blog key messages. If you are viewing this post on the RightSpace website you should be able to replace the live blog below and browse some of the key issues that came up in the presentations and discussions.

More on change from the Youth Dreamers

Jennie recently shared the story of a young people's centre in Baltimore, opened after nine years of young people campaigning, raising funds and working to create a space of their own. Here, in an article reposted from the US National Writing Project, the story is told in more detail.

Announcing the Event

RightSpace National EventI'm still putting a few finishing touches to the Right Space website... but in the meantime you can find out more about the event we've got planned for the 26th October this year. 

Re-finding Virtue

One of the themes I hope we will explore through Right Space is the role of 'virtue' in our responses to children and young people in personal and professional contexts. So I was intrigued to hear an exploration of 'Virtue Ethics', and the suggestion that they are 'coming back' on Though for the Day on Radio 4 this morning.