Holding on and moving forward

We've made a lot of progress in the last few years - but we're at risk of loosing it all unless committed people stay committed, and engage in critical reflection to continue to move children's rights and youth participation forward..


Wed 21st Apr 2010
It's no co-incidence that the RightSpace event is taking place in a time of political uncertainty and change. Building on strong foundations and exploring the future are key to the conversation we want to have. 
Thu 10th May 2012
Museums, Archives and Galleries may not at first strike you as the cutting edge of children and young people's participation. But look again. And be inspired! We have much to learn about vision, values and leadership, as well of course about inspiring approaches like sleepovers with the dinosaurs!
Tue 2nd Nov 2010
One of the big changes in political dialogue since the coalition government came to power has been the emphasis on ideas of the 'big society'. The big society is not a fixed policy programme, but is a loose collection of ideas - including ideas about localism and citizens taking on roles that previously may have been carried our or co-ordinated by the state. 
Wed 13th Oct 2010
Bill Badham got everyone to their feet at the start of the CROA conference - asking participants to move around the room and vote with their feet to answer four key questions. Participants could stand by one of four faces: :D The delighted face - We're doing well on this issue. :) The happy face - We're doing OK; :| The unhappy face - We're not doing so well on this :( The very unhappy face - We're not doing well on this at all.
Thu 22nd Jul 2010
A RightSpace interview with Ali Thomas and Paula Jackson-Key from YWCA on the participation of women and girls in local centres and the national organisation. http://rightspace.org.uk/content/ali-thomas-and-paula-jackson-key-ywca
Sat 24th Apr 2010
Attached to this blog post is a report that illustrates how a rights approach can lead to significant changes within the 'lived lives' of children and young people. The Oncology Department at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool achieved Investing in Children Membership status in 2009. 


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